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Uganda Safaris
3 days - Gorilla Express Safari
7 days - Bird Watching Uganda
8 days - Gorillas & wildlife in the Pearl
8 days - Safari in the Savannah
10 days - Gorilla & Wildlife Safari
11 days - Great Primates & wildlife Safari
13 days - Classic Uganda Safari
14 days - Untamed Adventure Safari
18 days - Into the wildlife Safari
20 days - Safari best of Uganda
Special Tourism Interest
Climb Mt. Rwenzori (12 days)
Family Safari Adventure (4 days)
Chimpanzee Habituation (8 Days)
Walking Safari & Gorillas (12 days)
Hikking the Jungle (13 days)
Birding Best of Uganda (20 days)
Rwenzori Climb & Best of Uganda (22 days)
Mt. Elgon Climb (7 days)
Uganda & Rwanda Offers
Misty Adventure Safari Burundi & Rwanda (7 days)
Kenya / Tanzania Safari (7 days)
Magical Kenya (12 days)
Rwanda Primates Safari (7 days)
Magical Adventure Uganda & Rwanda Safari (13 days)
Adventure Uganda & Rwanda (15 days)

Travel Agents

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Adventure Natural African Safaris values its relationship with the global travel agent community very highly. We appreciate all the work and enthusiasm that agents all over the world put into promoting our destinations of operation, and we are committed to ensuring that their clients enjoy travel experiences that exceed their expectations.

Are you a travel agent or Company and interested in selling Uganda, Rwanda & Burundi tours and Safaris, please register here for our Travel Agent Services. By registering with us, you will receive news updates, developments and breaking News at our destination of operation, safari promotions; FAM trips notifications, notifications on new tours products, special offers, and more.

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