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Uganda Safaris
3 days - Gorilla Express Safari
7 days - Bird Watching Uganda
8 days - Gorillas & wildlife in the Pearl
8 days - Safari in the Savannah
10 days - Gorilla & Wildlife Safari
11 days - Great Primates & wildlife Safari
13 days - Classic Uganda Safari
14 days - Untamed Adventure Safari
18 days - Into the wildlife Safari
20 days - Safari best of Uganda
Special Tourism Interest
Climb Mt. Rwenzori (12 days)
Family Safari Adventure (4 days)
Chimpanzee Habituation (8 Days)
Walking Safari & Gorillas (12 days)
Hikking the Jungle (13 days)
Birding Best of Uganda (20 days)
Rwenzori Climb & Best of Uganda (22 days)
Rwanda & East African Offers
Misty Adventure Safari Burundi & Rwanda (7 days)
Kenya / Tanzania Safari (7 days)
Magical Kenya (12 days)
Rwanda Primates Safari (7 days)
Magical Adventure Uganda & Rwanda Safari (13 days)
Adventure Uganda & Rwanda (15 days)

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Adventure Natural African Safaris Ltd will always utilise this page for latest travel related information and updates for our clients and those that need to know news from the Travel industry in the Destinations that we operate.

This page will be from time to time updated when possible.

Our News will be related to social community activities, security, health and Tourism or related information and Events that we deem is vital for you readers out there. This information is relaid in good faith and to help your travel making desions and also enrich you with information from our Destinattions.

Adventure Natural African Safaris Ltd takes due care to ensure the accuracy of the information provided and some external links would be availed. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions caused by matters beyond our control and also errors by external links.


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