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Climb Mt. Rwenzori (12 days)
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Chimpanzee Habituation (8 Days)
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Magical Kenya (12 days)
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Adventure Uganda & Rwanda (15 days)

About Uganda

Area: 197,058,000 sq km (93,104 sq miles)
Population: 31.9 million (UN, 2008)
Capital City: Kampala (population 1.3 million)
People: Over 20 tribes. Baganda (17%), Banyankole (8%), Basoga (8%), Iteso (8%), Acholi and Langi. Small Asian and European communities.
Language(s): English is the official language. Swahili and Luganda widely spoken.
Religion(s): Christianity, with a sizeable Muslim minority.
Currency: Uganda shilling (Ush)
Head of State: President Yoweri Museveni (elected February2011)
Prime Minister/Premier: Patrick Amama Mbabazi
Foreign Minister: Hon Sam Kutesa (currently on leave of absence), Acting FM, Hon Henry Oryem Okello
Membership of international groupings/organisations: East African Community (EAC), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), African Union (AU), Commonwealth, United Nations (UN) –, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).



Basic Economic Facts

GDP: US$17billion (2010)
GDP per capita: US$ 501 (2010)
Annual Growth: 5.2% (2010)
Inflation: 9.4% (August 2011)
Exchange rate:  2391 Ush = $1 (May 2011) 3943 Ush = £1 (May 2011)
Major Industries: agriculture (coffee, tea, fish, fresh flowers, tobacco), mining, construction, manufacturing, textiles services.
Major trading partners: Kenya, UK, South Africa, India. UAE

Uganda’s economy has grown consistently at an impressive rate for over two decades. Growth in the 1990s averaged 7% a year, well above the average for Africa. Sound macroeconomic policies and liberal, market-oriented policy reforms enabled a structural transformation of the economy which has driven growth in the manufacturing, trading and services sectors. Since 1999, GDP growth has slowed 5.5%, but the quality of growth has improved: higher value added services (e.g. telecoms) and industrial sectors (e.g. small manufacturing) now account for three-quarters of GDP compared to less than half a decade ago. However, most Ugandans still rely heavily on agriculture, which supports 80% of the population. Plantains, cassava, sweet potatoes and maize are the major subsistence crops. Commodity exports include coffee, fish, tea, tobacco and cotton. Uganda’s GDP is around US $17 billion.

Uganda has weathered the global crisis reasonably well and growth this year is expected to be around 6.5%. Its growth trajectory and macroeconomic management have been impressive. The short term economic outlook remains stable, but challenging with food crop inflation (at 42% in July 2011) and the decline in the value of the Ugandan Shilling being particular concerns. In the longer term, projected oil revenues of US$2 billion a year could transform the economy and there are reasonable prospects for double digit growth rates. But further challenges to Uganda’s prosperity could come from in high population growth rates, weak job creation and growing inequalities. The Ugandan Government also needs to improve public infrastructure including power supply, economic governance, tackle corruption and enable private sector growth if it is to realise its aspiration of becoming a middle income country.


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